Small business owners need technology to run their business efficiently. In many cases they are not familiar enough with current technology infrastructure to know specifically what they need. Relying on your technology service provider to assess your needs and recommend a solution is not always the answer.

We are advocates for small businesses, we don’t represent specific hardware or software solutions. We are vendor neutral so we can find what works best for your business at a cost you can afford.

Our experienced IT consultant can help you assess your needs and to seek bids from service providers for the best fit for your company. We can help you to understand what is being purchased, what alternative options are available, installation costs, ongoing service options and technology life expectancy.


IT Consulting Services:

  • IT expert and advocate for the small business owner
  • Audit of your current network and IT systems, including network configurations and documentation
  • Account and Project management
  • Bid Process and review from an unbiased point of view
  • Act as liaison between your business and your service provider
  • Full comprehension of current business technology infrastructure to assist you
  • Familiar with with technology service providers , both local and on the internet

We can help you bring your technology to where it needs to be to effectively help you to manage and grow your business.

Contact us for a free document that outlines all the information about your system that your current service provider should provide you.